Care Home For People With Dementia In East Sussex

Dealing with Dementia can feel like a cloud, constantly dragging down and overshadowing day to day life, however it doesn’t have to be that way. With proper support and the right care, days can start feeling sunny again.

Fostering this happy atmosphere and getting those with dementia the care they deserve is what we specialise in at Tusker House. We’re a care home for people with dementia in East Sussex who aim to give those we care for the support they need to support themselves. We’ve been operating with family values since 1965, and implement our positive attitude into all of our care.

We use a daily routine which promotes social interaction and fun interactive experiences to keep our patients engaged and entertained. Enjoying themselves and always looking forward to the next activity. With our assessments of your loved one or friend, we’ll work out the best ways to care for them, treating them with care and dignity in the process.

Don’t let Dementia or Alzheimers dictate your routine, instead remain in control with the support available from our fantastic team at Tusker House. Get started today by giving a member of our team a call on the number: 01424 421 573.

Or alternatively, if there’s anything, in particular, you’d like answered, simply let us know by filling out the provided contact form available online.

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