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At Tusker House we work hard to ensure that we have the best facilities, support and guidance for everyone that enters our care home near St Leonards. No matter the needs of your loved one, we can guarantee that we have the expertise to feel confident and comfortable.

Keeping up with the pandemic

In order to keep our residents as connected as possible during these unprecedented times, we have recently invested in a safe, sealed glass visitors’ room which allows family members in groups of 3 to see their loved ones.

This not only benefits the family, but also helps to keep our resident’s emotional wellbeing in good order.

Like with all areas of our care home, we are going to extensive measures to ensure we do out bit in stopping the virus, and we are taking special care to ensure our home remains hygienic and virus free.

Choosing and trusting our highest quality care home near Bexhill-on-Sea will give you the reassurances that you need to leave your loved one each time you visit.

To speak to us about arranging a visit, call us today on 01424 421 573.

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