Dementia Care Home Hastings

Let us help you with our dementia care home in Hastings

Dementia is something that we can only hope doesn’t affect us or our loved ones, but unfortunately it can be a nasty disease that you can’t avoid. Caring for someone who has dementia can be a full-time job, something that takes away any free time you may have and can fill your day with many challenges.

It’s never easy making the decision to ask for help, but in doing so, you are helping them as well as yourself. By trusting in us, you can put your loved one in the very capable hands of our trained staff who specialise in helping those with dementia.

Not only can we confidently provide your friend or family member with the help and support they need day-to-day, but we can help them enjoy every moment. Our location in Hastings on the South Coast makes for the finest views across the sea during the day. This can be enjoyed every day too, because of the all-weather facilities we have in place.

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