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Dementia is a cruel disease, affecting the person afflicted and the people that surround them. Whilst you may want to do what you can to look after them in their home, or yours, it can be incredibly hard without the support of people who understand how to help.

Although you may see a dementia care home as a last resort, the reality is that they could flourish and be incredibly happy when they stay with us.

At Tusker House we’re a family run care home and we do everything in our power to make our residents feel at home. We understand making the decision to visit us can be a difficult one, so we will be there for you and your family throughout our time spent with you.

Our facilities are filled with everything they’ll ever need to feel at home, and we work hard to make sure they are safe, cared for and respected.

At the moment, we understand you may have even more concerns due to COVID-19, which is why we’ve created a safe space for you to visit your loved ones in a sanitary and safe bubble.

We have invested in a safe, secure, glass sealed visitors’ room where family members of up to 3 people can catch up with loved ones. This not only provides support for one another, but it helps to promote positive emotional wellbeing for everyone involved.

What’s more, we’ve also converted a wing in our building which is dedicated to new residents, so everything remains safe, hygienic and up to COVID-19 preventative standards.

To speak to us about arranging a visit, call today on 01424 421 573.

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