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Moving your elderly loved one from their own home into someone else’s hands can be a difficult decision. There are plenty of things that you’ll worry about. Experience, homeliness, compassion, patience and facilities. If you’re looking for all of this, as well as the finest EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) care in East Sussex, choose Tusker House.

Our family-run care home in Hastings is one of finest and most compassionate places for your elderly relative or friend to stay during their later years. Featuring everything that is needed for a comfortable stay and accompanied by our highly-trained staff and carers, you can be sure you’re leaving your loved one in safe hands.

Trips out into Hastings’ town centre, visits from outside professionals and the wide range of services we offer in-house ensures that our family-run care home in Hastings is chosen time and time again. We’re trusted by the Care Quality Commission to provide compassionate care for EMI individuals to the highest standard. Choosing Tusker House will enable you to rest assured your loved one is enjoying their time on the English Coast.

As spring nears and the sun creeps out, our outdoor all weather balconied garden could be the perfect place for your loved one to spend their afternoons.

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