One Of The Best Dementia Care Homes Close To St Leonards-On-Sea

Dementia can happen to any of us in later life. Memories fade and life for those around the individual with Dementia can become particularly difficult. To ensure your loved one has a team of helpful and compassionate nurses and helpers around them, it’s imperative you find a care home that can provide that.

At Tusker House, as one of the finest Dementia care homes close to St Leonards-On-Sea, we are able to provide a full array of services to keep your loved one happy 24/7. Rated and trusted by the Care Quality Commission and dedicated as an EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) care home, we’ve become an important service for the peace of mind of relatives and the happiness of our residents.

To ensure that we meet all of the expectations that you have, we recommend you visiting our Dementia care home close to St Leonards-On-Sea. You’ll see first-hand that our nurses and helpers are professional, dignified and respectful of each resident’s respects and wishes. To ensure your loved one is making the most of their time surrounded by a helpful team of experts, choose Tusker House.

If you’re wondering what is included in our Dementia care home close to St Leonards-On-Sea, it’s important that you visit us. To find out more about our work, get in contact with us today.

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