Terms & conditions for visitors

Visits will initially be restricted to 1 half hour visit per Resident per week. Timeslots will be available to pre-book on our website. It is most important for social distancing and infection control reasons that visits are attended in a timely manner. There cannot be any `overrun` of time. This will enable Staff members of Tusker House to sanitize the area between visits.

Visitor numbers will be based upon Families ensuring that only safe family `bubbles` visit at any one time. It will be the responsibility of the person booking the visit to list all visitors and their contact details and consent to Tusker House sharing this information with Public Health England for tracing purposes if required.   All family members should take full responsibility for safe social distancing and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), that they feel appropriate given their family connection. This precaution should be taken in addition to the latest Government guidelines on social distancing and family visits. Tusker House take no responsibility for groups of visitors not adhering to visiting policy. Visitors will be restricted to 3 family members unless Government restrictions suggest otherwise.

Visitors are reminded to sanitize hands on entry and exit of the visitors` room doorway. Hand sanitizer will be made available.

The entrance to the visitors’ room is accessed from the pathway alongside the conservatory wall facing Pine Avenue. Please follow the Fuchsia Pink arrows and dwarf wall around to the right, 2 steps up to the right onto the artificial grass area. Hand sanitizer will be available before entering the conservatory by the right-hand door.

Visitors are responsible for declaring that they are asymptomatic, do not have a temperature or feel unwell and have not been in contact with anyone who has either tested positive for Covid-19 nor been symptomatic of the same. No visits should be attended if this is the case. Please inform Tusker House if you are unable to attend a visit by telephone- 01424 421573.  All visits should be booked through the designated visitors’ website.

A `call point` will be available should you require a Staff member to attend. Please press the orange & white `nurse` button for assistance or in an urgent situation the ‘red’ button. Please reset the call point when they have arrived by pressing the grey `RST button.

Do feel free to open or close any conservatory windows for temperature control, (simultaneously press button and turn handle) these will be sanitized between visits.

Due to Covid-19 infection control restrictions, no refreshments nor toilet facilities will be available for visitors, please bear this in mind.

If the Fire Alarm sounds please vacate the area and go to the muster point situated on the front lawn.

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