Activities In Our Eastbourne Nursing Home

We at Tusker House have been caring for those with dementia and alzheimers for over 50 years. We use modern caring techniques as well as our distinctive family values to ensure an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort for your loved ones.

What we specialise in at Tusker House is creating a care program that suits our client. We aim to remove what they don’t enjoy, and include what they do. We have a wide range of activities available from our Nursing Home in Eastbourne, designed to give our clients interactive fun that allows them to engage socially with others:

Creative activities such as Painting: Bask in the sunlight whilst enjoying painting to your heart’s content, sharing your art with others and having pleasant conversation.

Musical Production: Whether you’re a novice, or have led a life of music, we’ll get you together with others to explore your creativity and engage in creating a fantastic tune.

Indoor Activities: Perhaps enjoy a board game, jewellery making, or simply a night of cards with friends.

Whatever it is that keeps your loved one happy, we’ll be keeping it in mind, making sure they are engaging with others and having a relaxed, pleasant situation no matter their circumstance.

To get started with the care experience available at Tusker House, simply give our talented team a ring on the number: 01424 421 573.

Or alternatively, if you have questions about what we do, fill out the contact form available online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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