Dementia Care Homes St Leonards-On-Sea

Searching for the right dementia care home in St Leonards-On-Sea for your loved one?

Dementia is one of the big worries we face as we enter our later years. It can cause distress and upset throughout a family when someone is diagnosed with the illness, and it isn’t something that can be solved instantaneously. However, you’ll want to find a care home that can take care of your loved one’s every need and requirement.

Our Dementia care home near St Leonards-On-Sea is perfectly placed to offer peaceful and serene care that will brighten the life of your friend or relative.

Here at Tusker House we’re recognised as one of the best dementia care homes close to St Leonards-On-Sea. By using our service at Tusker House you’ll be able to relax, safe in the knowledge they’re being looked after by an experienced team each day.

We are proud to be a chosen and trusted as a professional EMI (Elderly mentally infirm) care home in East Sussex because of our facilities, compassion and professionalism.

If you’re looking to find out the specific support that we can provide for your loved one, visiting us is a great idea. To get in touch about booking a visit, reach out to us via our website today.

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