Find The Finest Care Home In St Leonards-On-Sea

Your loved one deserves the best care they can possibly get. If they have Alzheimer’s or Dementia you’ll be wanting to find a place that can accommodate to their needs in the best way possible. At Tusker House we’ve become a leading destination for the Elderly Mentally Infirm (EMI) to spend their later life.Our care home close to St Leonards-On-Sea has everything that your loved one needs to feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. No matter how serious their Dementia or Alzheimer’s is, we’ve got a team of experienced carers who understand how to make everything flow smoothly each day.

Looking after your loved one will be a badge of endearment, but one that will be hard to keep up. That’s when you should start searching for a team who can look after your loved one when you’re not around. Whether you’re worried about them staying in a care home or you’re concerned if something goes wrong, you’ll want assurances.

At Tusker House we’re chosen by individuals and family members who want to see their loved one given the help, support and care that they deserve. We put our heart and soul into accommodating to the needs of our residents.

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