One Of The Best Nursing Homes In East Sussex

As one of the best Dementia care homes in East Sussex, it’s important that all your loved one’s needs are taken care of. When you’re looking to move someone that you care for very much for into the residential care system, you will want assurances that they are treating your friend or family member with compassion and respect.

At Tusker House, as one of the best Alzheimer`s care homes in East Sussex for the EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm), we provide outstanding care for every single one of our residents. Whether they have difficult illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s or they’re struggling in their later life with a variety of issues, we can make sure they are accommodated for.

Bordered on one side by the beautiful English coastline and the historical town of Hastings on the other, you can be sure that your friend of family member will enjoy the location. They can take trips into town on the bus, lounge in our all-weather garden during the fine weather and get cosy during the cold snaps in our comfortable living areas.

Once you’ve seen our highly-rated care home in East Sussex, you’ll understand that our location and facilities are only the start of our award-winning care. To discover more about our commitment to professional care in East Sussex, speak to us today.

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