Professional And Compassionate Care Home In Hastings

Guiding your loved ones through their later life will provide you with happiness and warm your heart. It will be when you need to leave them alone that your worries may mount up as a family, and you will need to seek alternatives.At Tusker House we want to help you with our care home in Hastings which can become the ideal place for your loved one to spend their later life. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, professional environment which is tailored to the changing and differing needs of each resident. To rebuke any concerns as you place your elderly relative or friend into care with us, we can provide a range of assurances every step of the way. Three reasons to choose our care home in Hastings:
  1. Location: Set high in Hastings and overlooking the English Coast, our care home is a great place to unwind. A short bus or walk into town means your loved one can get out with assistance when they wish.
  2. Comfort: All our bedrooms are comfortable and have an abundance of features to ease the daily routines of your loved one.
  3. Community: When your relative or family member spends time in our common areas, they will be able to mingle, talk, unwind, play games and receive outside support through their time with us.
If you are looking for a care home with assured quality and compassion, get in contact with our team at Tusker House today.

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